Sunday, January 14, 2007

My KK trip during new year eve 2006

posting my KK trip now. It's been, erm, about 2 weeks delay?!

These are the people (including me) who went on the trip together.

This is how we went to KK

Day 1

Upon reaching KK, we check into Tang Dynasty hotel and as everyone was hungry, we cin cai find place to eat at the food court.
Everyone ordered clay pot rice. I ordered chicken, i think most of them ordered the
pai ku de

For Dinner, we ate at Kenny Rogers

That set cost roughly about RM$15+ including muffins.
Personally, i think the chicken at
Ideal taste nicer

At night, we went on a virgin visit to the pub
(roughly about 10 to 15 mins walk away from our hotel)
The place was not bad. Spacey and got live band singing

Day 2 - New Year Eve 06

We check out of Tang Dynasty and moved into the Marina Court Apartment which is closer to BED, Centrepoint, Warison Square etc
Marina Court cost about RM300 per night

Inside the Apartment:-

The kitchen was fully equipped with plates, wok, knife, fork, spoons etc

At about 9 p.m., we went to a Seafood Restaurant for dinner
According to them, they serve no pork here. wow

What we Ordered...

These 5 dishes cost about RM300+ including drinks and taxes

Then we went to Cocoon roughly at around 11 p.m. for New Year Eve party

i was having gastric pain so i did not drink or party except sit there and look at people
(more like trying to "look" cause it's really dark inside)
Me & the guys actually went back to the apartment earlier (at around 1 + a.m. kwa)

Sylvia won a hamper during the lucky draw at the Cocoon but most of the items are actually cheap stuff lo..

Day 3 - Happy New Year 2007!!

Exploring new shopping centre. The Warison Square (did i got the name right?)
Most of the shops here sell branded goods. =P

Most of us are quite broke on our last day in KK so we thought we might as well make full use of the apartment utilities (i.e. used their kitchen, wok, forks, knifes etc) & cook ourselves some cheap and simple dinner i.e. Instant noodles. hehe

Sylvia & Sharlene invites some of their friends from SKS who also stayed at the same apartment

Most of them return to their own apartment and later on one of them came back to play chor dai di with these people in the pics above here.

Day 3 - Returning to Brunei

The night before, everyone had agreed to wake up at 5 a.m. because our flight leave at 7+ a.m. But in the end, the gals wake up after 5.30 a.m. and the guys, i have no idea what time they woke up but i found them sitting on the sofa, dressed (except Jon who fly using a different flight and time) and watching TV when i wake up at 5.30 a.m.!!

i did not buy any clothes or accessories during this trip cause i plan to go somewhere sometime in February and due to my car insurance & road tax expiring this month, i had to be careful on my spending. Hehe.
So i only bought a few novels, cookbooks. chocolates and vodka cruiser lo...
Chocolates and vodka are last minute bought at the Labuan ferry terminal de. End up owing people money somemore. Sigh
Long time didn't buy chinese novels. =P

Spend most of time in the bookshop browsing at the books. so syok, no one (like my parents) to complaint about how slow i am in the bookstore. XD

[Front , L-R] Sylvia, Patricia, Sharlene & Me
[Back, L-R] Chan, Jon & Daniel
A nice group photo.
I did not set my camera properly so the colour really sux -_-"


Anonymous said...

Ah moi~ Remember to print screen your edited photo in MS words so you won't get the red and green crooked line from wrong spelling.

Sing Yin @ Serene said...

oh my gosh, i did not notice that. It's so ugly when i look at it now... hor lan me...

thanks for pointing out the mistake

one said...

Song eh ur trip to KK.
Too bad u were sick otherwise i think it'll b more fun~

Ohh~ I wanna borrow the chinese novels.. ngek ngek ngek... >u<

Sing Yin @ Serene said...

hwan, is that all you can think about? my chinese novels ar

one said...

Ok then i'll think of something else.. like ur animes.. ngek ngek ngek...

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